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  •    By Charles Sweeney Brooklyn Daily Eagle

    DOWNTOWN BROOKLYN — The brutal kidnapping, rape and murder of college student Imette St. Guillen after a night among the nightclubs and bars in Manhattan’s fashionable Chelsea neighborhood caused a media sensation, especially once police arrested a suspect in the case — the bouncer at the nightclub where the young woman was last seen alive before her naked corpse was discovered on a remote East New York street the next morning.

    According to statements from patrons at the nightclub where the victim, Imette St. Guillen, had been partying on the night of her murder, the club’s bouncer had walked her out as the bar closed for the night.

    The last time Imette St. Guillen was seen alive, a bouncer was escorting her out the door of the nightclub where she and a friend had been partying, according patrons at the club.

    Based on those statements, police questioned the club’s bouncer, Darryl Littlejohn, about St. Guillen’s murder, eventually searching his apartment and vehicle for evidence. Based on the evidence discovered during those searches, including incriminating DNA samples, police charged Littlejohn with St. Guillen’s brutal slaying.

    It was those very searches that were at the center of a pre-trial hearing at Brooklyn Supreme Court last week.

    Warrant Challenge

    Defense attorneys Joyce David and Amy Rameau were in court last Friday to present a motion challenging search warrants issued to police that they allege were faulty or not properly justified. “Joyce is going to ask the court for a hearing,” Rameau said, explaining the process she and David would follow in order to challenge the warrants.

    The warrants issued by the courts were instrumental in building a case against Littlejohn since they led to the discovery of key evidence on which murder charges were based.

    “We’re presenting an omnibus motion challenging the warrants issued by (Supreme Court Justices) Firetog and Garry,” Rameau added, explaining how police searched Littlejohn’s van and apartment, along with cell phone records that purportedly places Littlejohn near where St. Guillen’s body was found.

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